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After functioning as a Lithuanian graffiti art webpage for over 6 years with rare updates of pictures, we decided to have a page reflecting the history of Klaipeda graffiti scene 1995-2000 from its beginning with no updates in near future. As soon as we get enough material to change the new concept of this page, we will provide you with a big number of fresh pics. We are here to proudly present the works of Klaipeda graffiti artists, so it covers only the local scene. Because of the big audience worldwide, this site is in English language. Enjoy your stay. Peace!
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Rude Cats System
Wedding Videography


It is all started around 1995. Here is the history of Klaipeda graffiti scene. Those guys who started the movement have quit long time ago. Now it is time for fresh guys to bomb the streets..More

Please feel free to drop a line and let us know what you think about all these things. Ya know whut we mean.

Legal Walls
Legal pieces are always exciting and nice. They create the mood. They make the right atmosphere. They help to express ideas.They are Legal.

Some stuff which are relevant to graffiti and hip hop theme, Graffiti Fonts!!!

This stuff is surely illegal, but we do hope that the authorities will understand artists and won't do any harm to them. Here are the pics of bombed houses,fences,bridges, vehicles and WC's.

Links to the best resources of the Net. Graffiti, Extreme Sports, Music. Graffiti Art Crimes, and other amazing websites Rambler's Top100

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